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Welcome to Kustom Kate's!

Whether you arrived here because a friend or co-worker sent you, or just because you were intrigued by a google image, welcome! It is the greatest wish of kustom kate studios that you leave feeling inspired and that your appetite for color be not not only satisfied, but whetted enough to want more!

Who we are:

If you are looking for a well-rounded decorative arts studio, you have come to the right place. Kate is trained and experienced in everything from traditional gilding, venetian plasters, and heavy textures to the new and contemporary trends such as repeat patterns, metallic plasters, effects and color selection.

What is on this site?

You will find:

  • before and after make-overs
  • detailed oil paintings
  • entire rooms that are hand painted for a wall-paper feel

You will also find a countless number of customized wall finishes. No matter what your style, space, or budget is, kustom kate will always work to ensure that quality and originality are brought to your home or place of business. Yes, every project is 100% custom!